Food Safety & Hygiene

As one of America’s oldest manufacturer of premium quality kitchen equipment, John Boos & Company has a long and accomplished track record for designing and manufacturing products of the highest professional quality and safety standards. Boos Blocks® products are certified and meet NSF’s (National Sanitation Foundation) strict requirements for food safety, sanitation and quality. Products must bear the NSF seal of approval to be accepted and used by the U.S. food service industry. The NSF stands for food safety, sanitation and quality and is trusted by users, regulators, and manufacturers as the leader in U.S. sanitation agencies for food service equipment certification. NSF’s certification process includes a material review to ensure that products are fully compliant to requirements of the US Food & Drug Administration.

North American Hard Rock Maple is the standard hardwood for commercial foodservice grade butcher blocks, countertops and cutting boards in the U.S. Hard Rock Maple is resilient, durable, sanitary, knife-friendly, easily cleaned, and inhibits bacteria growth.