The Prep Masters

A sophisticated and functional design make PrepMasters the smart choice for a variety of food preparation tasks, whether chopping meat, slicing and dicing fruits and vegetables, or mincing fresh herbs. They are reversible and provide two smooth work surfaces: one side is completely flat, and the other offers a sloped juice groove channel with a removable stainless steel pan to catch runaway juices. PrepMasters are rugged and durable and crafted in the USA of premium quality renewable and sustainable harvested northern hard rock maple hardwood with an edge-grain construction and an ergonomic handle to facilitate easy transport. They are easy to maintain and clean with Boos Blocks’ Mystery Oil or Block Cream.

A functional design and innovation through and through.

  • Made in the USA
  • North American Hard Rock Maple
  • Edge Grain Construction
  • Reversible with Juice Rim
  • Premium Quality Renewable & Sustainable Hardwoods
  • Drip Pan made of Stainless Steel
  • Built on 125 years of know how and fi ne craftsmanship
  • Safe for all Food Preparation
  • Preserves Edge of Fine Cutlery
Available Sitzes:

38x35x6cm / 5kg

46x46x6cm / 7.6kg

61x46x6cm / 10.6kg