Gourmet Prep Blocks

A natural beauty made the old fashioned way, Boos® Gourmet Prep Blocks are like the original commercial End Grain Butcher Blocks that made Boos famous but designed in a modern kitchen countertop style. The end grain construction means the grain of the wood runs vertical to the cutting surface wood, making it extremely robust and resilient and qualified for any type of food preparation. Whether round, rectangular or square, with or without hand grips or stainless steel handles and band, Boos’ classic end grain blocks are reversible and provide a stunningly unique and authentic presence in your kitchen that will last a lifetime. Handcrafted ensures no two blocks are alike. They are made in the USA of premium quality renewable and sustainable harvested northern hard rock maple hardwoods. The boards are easy to maintain and clean with Boos Blocks’ Mystery Oil or Block Cream.