Care and Maintenance

Care and Maintenance - Products

Boos Blocks® products are crafted from natural materials of sustainable and renewable North American hardwoods. With the proper care of this natural material you will experience life long enjoyment of your Boos Blocks® products.

We recommend using Boos Blocks® Mystery Oil and/or Boos Block Cream with Beeswax. Both products are food safe, effective, and protect as well as prolong the life of your board. You may use each individually or both if desired: it is recommended to first use the Mystery Oil and then add a protective layer of Cream.

Boos Blocks® Mystery Oil
 is a food-grade mineral oil and thinner product than the cream; it more easily absorbed and penetrates more deeply into the grain of the wood to help protect and revitalize it.

When using the oil, it is recommended you apply a generous amount and let it sit overnight. After checking the result the following morning, add more oil if there are dry spots or for any other necessary reason.

Boos Blocks® Board Cream
 contains a natural, unbleached beeswax and food-grade mineral oil formula. Board Cream is a denser, thicker product than Mystery Oil, which gives a protective layer to the board against food and moisture. It helps keep the water out and oil in. Beeswax does not evaporate as quickly as oil.

When using the cream, it is recommended you apply it directly onto the cutting board surface, massage it by hand into the grains and let it sit overnight. Then remove the excess with a paper towel.