Plastic vs. Wood

Plastic vs. Wood Cutting Boards…which one is more sanitary?

A scientific study conducted by Dr. Dean Cliver, Ph.D (USA) has proven that hard maple cutting boards inhibit bacteria growth, while plastic boards have been scientifically proven to harbor bacteria inside the cut grooves. Also wood cutting boards are known to be easier on your expensive knife blades.

Download here to read more on Dr. Dean Cliver's study.

New German Study 2014:
“Comparative study on hygienic qualities of wood and plastic cutting boards”

A new study, conducted by Professor Dr. Ulrike Kleiner at the Laboratory of Hygiene Research, Anhalt University in Bernburg, Germany confirms what earlier American research has already proven – that high quality wooden boards pose no greater health risk and are just as good or better than plastic boards, especially if they are properly cleaned and maintained. Dr. Kleiner’s study was carried out in Germany using professional quality plastic cutting boards alongside NSF® certified cutting boards made by John Boos & Co from North American Hardrock Maple. Study.