A Word about Black Walnut

American Black Walnut, or Juglans nigra, can be found from the eastern seaboard to the Great Plains and all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico. However, the largest commercial growth is located in the Central U.S., which claims nearly three quarters of all black walnut grown in the United States. Black Walnut is sought after and highly prized for its great dark-colored beauty & toughness. It is heavy and strong. The sapwood of walnut is creamy white, while the heartwood is light brown to dark chocolate brown, occasionally with a purplish cast and darker streaks. The wood develops a rich patina that grows more lustrous with age. Sustainability: American black walnut is one of the few American tree species that can naturally regenerate and thrive when planted. This explains its natural abundance and the ability of the species to thrive as an option for lumber.