A Tradition of Quality

Founder Conrad Boos was a blacksmith who designed a solid Sycamore block on three legs to absorb the shock of the smith’s hammer against the anvil. One day the local butcher saw Boos using the block in his blacksmith shop and immediately wanted one for his meat market. Conrad’s son, John, made him one – this was the start of John Boos & Company making butcher blocks for commercial meat markets over 125 years ago.

Adalbert Gravenhorst purchased controlling interest in the business in 1892 to meet the growing market demand. Committed to making the best butcher blocks of the highest quality and craftsmanship soon led to their reputation that “Wherever steel meets wood.... Boos Blocks® are best!”. True to the motto, John Boos & Co. sent product for display at the World’s Fair in Paris,1900. Before long, Boos® Butcher Blocks found their way into a majority of restaurants, food stores, and butcher shops in the United States. The commitment-to-quality tradition continues to pass down through the generations; the fifth generation of the Gravenhorst family is now in the business and the legendary Boos Blocks have become the trusted tradition and prized possessions of not only culinary professionals, but of chefs in the world’s finest kitchens.